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Sarah Joy Zell is the founder and owner of the Treehouse. She is a craniosacral therapist serving artists, creative professionals, and people bringing more creative expression into their lives. She is in the Treehouse on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. She can be reached at 831-278-2426 or at her website:

Maria Fernandez is a Hendrickson Method Therapist. She uses a gentle yet powerful touch to soothe and relax the body while providing a therapeutic massage. Her specialty is in injury recovery and prenatal. She is available Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and can be contacted at (831) 818-3237.


Bernadine Rosso is an Ontological Coach specializing in divorcing gracefully. She is in the Treehouse on Thursdays and Fridays. She can be reached at, or 831-345-9885


Emily Pugh is a California Certified Massage Therapist and has been offering therapeutic massage to the community of Santa Cruz since 2009.  She combines Swedish and deep tissue massage with Craniosacral Therapy and myofascial release, tailoring each massage to exactly what you and your body needs that day.  Her  intuitive touch,  extensive knowledge of the body and very compassionate heart create a deeply therapeutic massage experience.

She is available Thursday through Sundays at the Tree House. You can schedule with her online through her website or contact her directly (707) 477 6076.

Samantha Rose is a Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC #41523) specializing in clinical, rehabilitative bodywork. Samantha uses techniques from deep tissue, myofascial therapy, neural mobilization, massage cupping, craniosacral therapy, and many other modalities. She shares her skills at the Treehouse Sunday-Wednesday. She can be found online at or at (831)770-9316

Crystal Maxey

Melinda Lundgren follows the unique physical and subtle messages each body presents when crafting powerful healing sessions. She offers Deep Tissue, slow and nurturing Swedish, Myofascial Release (an effective non-oil body-sculpting therapy), Prenatal, and Polarity massage, as well as CranioSacral Therapy (a non-invasive, whole-system treatment).  Through therapeutic and intuitive touch Melinda helps clients to drop in, let go and receive deeply. She has been treating clients through her private practice since 2008.

Melinda may be reached at  (617)216-4001 or by email at


Cherri Bollman


Charmian Traynor LAc, LMT specializes in acupuncture for pain management, women’s health and Shiatsu massage therapy. She skillfully integrates acupuncture and massage to alleviate her patients’ discomfort and pain symptoms. She is also a certified yoga instructor and uses her knowledge of yoga to help her patients with therapeutic exercises that increase strength, flexibility, and ease in the body. Charmian takes quality time with each patient and pays attention to what each person needs on a deep level.


Lanakila Iesu is a Lomi-Lomi and Eclectic Bodywork practitioner. You can find her in the Treehouse on Sunday afternoons from 3:00pm-9:00,

Tuesday from 9 to 2, and Saturday from 9 to 3.  

 She can be reached at, or 831-359-4753.

Phoenix DeLeon

Jesse Kennedy

Kyoko Kawashima

Vanessa James


Sarah Cruse is a sound healer and mindfulness educator who delights in the nourishment of community and her clients. She practices in the Treehouse on Wednesdays. You can find out more about Sarah’s work at, or by calling or texting her at 310-770-6270.